The Surfair Conferences

1979 saw the first of the Surfair Conferences. These were run by the Prentice Computer Centre for University senior staff, at the Surfair Resort near Maroochydore on Queensland's Sunshine Coast. The purcpose of the conferences was to introduce the senior staff to current abilities and opportunities in computing.

A PDP-11 running DN82 software acted as a multiplexor for a number of terminals, connected back to St Lucia via a leased modem line - very innovative at the time! Communications Engineer Graham Rees managed to convince the local TV station to add Teletext information specific to the conference.

By taking the delegates to a (comparatively) remote site, they were able to concentrate on the issues involved, and spent many evening hours playing space invaders whilst enjoying an ale or two. PCC staff were also able to avail themselves of the relaxed atmosphere and interact with the University Executive.


Larry Reeker, Graham Rees

Brian Carss, dunno, dunno, Steve Lipton, AWC in far background, Don McElwain, JDN, Graham Rees, Chris McGovern

Brian Carss, Alan Coulter, a few dunnos, Graham Rees on right

Chris McGovern, Dunno, Dunno, John Noad, Andrew Broughton

Dunno, Andrew Broughton, Dunno, Dunno, Dunno, Dunno, Dunno, John Noad, Chris McGovern, Dunno

Graham Rees

Tony Bird, Dunno, Brian Carss

Brian Carss, Geoffrey

Dunno, Brian Carss, Tony Bird, Wilber


Graham Rees, Tony Bird, Wilber, Don McElwain

The Prentice Computer Centre Bar Staff - its was purely co-incidental that all three had almost the same shirt!

Tony Bird, Don McElwain, John Barker

Tony Bird, Wilber, John Barker & Graham Rees

Tony Bird, Don McElwain, John Barker & Wilber

Dunno, Steve Lipton, dunno


Dunno, Steve Lipton, Brian Wilson, dunno, Jim Ritchie

John Barker with a 'balanced diet'

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